Texas Business Law Links

Texas Business Law – Online Legal Resources.  Listed below are a number of our favorite links for researching Texas business law online.  With the exception of SOSDirect, all of the resources below are free of charge.  The list below contains links to Texas business laws, the Texas legislature, sites hosting the predecessors to the Texas Business Organizations Code (“TBOC”),  as well as links to a number of Texas business-law-related state agencies’ websites that contain useful information.

1.   Texas Secretary of State – Homepage.

2.   Texas Secretary of State – Corporations Division – Useful Texas business forms and information on Texas businesses.

3.   SOS Direct – This search engine allows the user to search the Texas Secretary of State’s filing records for business entities, governing persons, UCC-1 filings, as well as to locate registered agents of Texas businesses.  Bulk orders of data are also available through this site.   Texas charges a fee for this service and an account is required.

4.   Texas Comptroller – Homepage – Home for all your Texas tax issues, including research, information, and Texas tax forms.  You can also search for unclaimed property in Texas on this site.

5.   Texas Comptroller Taxable Entity Search Engine – another useful Texas business entity search engine.

6.   Texas State Securities Board Homepage – Excellent resource with links to the Texas Securities Act and the regulations promulgated by the Texas State Securities Board.

7.   Texas Securities Act.

8.   Texas Statutes Online – Where you can find the Texas Business Organizations Code, the Texas Business and Commerce Code, the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the Texas Tax Code, and other Texas laws.

9.   Pre-TBOC Texas Business Laws – The statutes listed below were superseded on January 1, 2010, with the final enactment of the Texas Business Organizations Code (“TBOC”).  Not all of the statutes listed below are still available online.  To the extent the statutes are still available, links may be found below:

  1. a. Texas Business Corporation Act (Expired)
  2. b. Texas Limited Liability Company Act (Expired)
  3. c. Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (Expired)
  4. d. Texas Professional Corporation Act (Expired)
  5. e. Texas Professional Association Act (Expired)
  6. f. Texas Miscellaneous Corporation Laws Act (Expired)
  7. g. Texas Revised Partnership Act (Expired) – No longer available online.
  8. h. Texas Revised Limited Partnership Act (Expired)
  9. i. Texas Limited Liability Company Act (Expired)
  10. j. Texas Real Estate Investment Trust Act (Expired)
  11. k. Texas Cooperative Association Act (Expired)
  12. l. Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (Expired)


10.   Texas Administrative Code – This is a compilation of all Texas state agency rules.  It contains 16 titles.  Each title represents a subject category.  Each state agency is assigned to a subject category.

11.   Texas Legislature Online – Excellent resource for reviewing legislative history, bill comments, and newly enacted legislation related to Texas business law.

12.  Texas Courts Online – Free case and opinion searches.

13.  Assumed Name Certificate and DBA in Texas – The list of links for Texas county assumed name certificates has been moved.  You can find the most recent version of the list HERE.