Commercial Real Estate

Real estate matters touch just about every one of us in our business and personal lives. Real estate involves our companies, our families and our investments. Our firm works with a variety of situations; the corporation looking to purchase commercial property, a business looking to lease its first space and the couple facing foreclosure. At DUNN PLLC we use our experience and expertise to help guide our clients no matter what the transaction may bring.

DUNN PLLC is here to help you with any real estate matter you may have. We offer services in all areas of real estate including:

  • Purchase and sale contracts for commercial and residential properties
  • Selection and formation of proper ownership entities
  • Lease drafting and negotiation for office, retail, mixed use and industrial properties
  • Mortgage, loan and finance negotiation and documentation
  • Title work
  • Foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Commercial lease disputes


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