Texas Comptroller Taxable Entity Search

Most business law practitioners are aware of SOS Direct as a means of finding information on Texas corporations, LLCs, and other Texas filing entities.  A less well-known corporation search is also available through the Texas Comptroller’s website.  The Comptroller’s “Taxable Entity Search” is a handy tool for both practitioners and business owners looking for information on both Texas businesses and foreign entities doing business in Texas.

In addition to being free of charge (SOS Direct costs $1 per search), the Texas Comptroller’s Taxable Entity Search may in very limited circumstances provide information that is unavailable on SOS Direct.  For example, SOS Direct will tell a user when a filing entity has forfeited its existence.  At that point, the business’s charter is completely forfeited and numerous steps are necessary to reinstate the entity and bring it into good standing. The Taxable Entity Search, however, will tell the user when a filing entity is “not in good standing.”  The advantage to finding out that a Texas business is not in good standing is that this classification is a precursor to forfeiture.  Thus, the “not in good standing” classification can be used as a warning to a Texas business or a foreign entity doing business in Texas that the corporation, LLC, or other filing entity is in danger of forfeiting its rights to do business in Texas.

CLICK HERE to go to the Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s Taxable Entity Search.

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